A Ghost From KVD's Past...........

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A Ghost From KVD's Past........... Empty A Ghost From KVD's Past...........

Post  Overther on Sat Apr 18, 2009 10:42 pm

BOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha, hey guys just thought i'd drop in! Hows the good fight? Defeat the allies yet? Do they still whine like little babies? Very Happy Whats new?

I'm still sorry to say that i am unable to play WWIIOL GRR Crying or Very sad Evil or Very Mad Im stuck with satellite internet ,i tell ya its like living in North Korea with this internet EVERYTHING IS CONTROLLED! EVERYTHING IS THROTTLED gah it sucks.

But i do have an extra Phone line in my house that is not in use and if i get a job i could just run dial up on it all the time its only about 12 bucks a month and less and i might be able to start playing again. But till then im stuck with this lol.

So yeah gimme the run down about you guys Very Happy


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A Ghost From KVD's Past........... Empty Re: A Ghost From KVD's Past...........

Post  JJ21 on Mon May 25, 2009 11:12 pm

hmmmm, I was always under the impression that satellite was all that. Guess I was wrong.

get fiber optic Wink

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