S! Isaristh Reporting For Duty!

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S! Isaristh Reporting For Duty! Empty S! Isaristh Reporting For Duty!

Post  Isaristh on Fri Jun 26, 2009 8:02 pm


I'm back KVD, and happy to be. Very Happy

All you old-timers will already know me (but forget the bratty moronic kiddie part...I changed that), but for those of you who haven't, hi my name is Isaristh.

I would like to thank Xalax for originally recruiting me after I said hi to him. I was thinking of contacting you guys when I resubbed 2 days ago but thought it was a little too early (and I owed you to much) to go annoying you again, but alas fate destined I rejoin the KVD.

It's good to see Olavv, Xalax, and everyone else still in the squad, makes me happier people I know are still around. Smile

I'll be seeing you guys on the battlefield then, I'll always be up for a jump, panzer column, or otherwise giving tommies an froggies a hard time. Fur das Vaterland! Fur Ritter von Deutschland!


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