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Post  geistnull on Fri Oct 22, 2010 3:59 pm

It's been a couple months so i thought i better join the forums. I'm Geist, im 36, married and have 1 son. i had to sign a NDA for work so cant talk much about that but its in the mental health field and i can play while im at work so its all good. but some months are better than others for that sort of thing, so i'll kinda come and go best i can. in game i have found that i dont do well in tanks and fighter planes but i'm alright for ground pounders and dive bombers so thats what i stick to. in particular i really enjoy depot camping so thats usually where you will find me. theres just something about throwing grenades back and forth and all the gunfire that goes on...it also seems to be a mostly neglected aspect of the game and if sitting in a depot shooting people leads to winning im all for it. my second favorite activity is lobbing mortar rounds on assaults. i rarely ever get kills but its nice to see the thump in the distant and know that i made someone crawl in the dirt instead of being able to run free and that makes me happy. i check email and msgs several times a day so if anyone wants to plan special missions feel free to drop me a note and we'll setup a time to do so. nice to meet you all Very Happy


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Post  xtanker on Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:42 pm

S! Welcome to the squad!

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